Stuffed animals / teddy bears, showing quite some wear and tear 

Stuffed animals family portrait

A discussion on Twitch made me want to take some photographs of the stuffed animals / teddy bears that kept me company during my own childhood.
All of these are three to four decades old, and some of them (especially and Snuffie the rabbit) are showing quite some wear and tear... :(

Too much at least for me to feel comfortable letting play with them, but they got careful hugs from him nevertheless.

I have some better photos on my DSLR camera, but sharing from my phone camera was far easier.

See their for more details, and the story of how Ted got reunited with Little Ted.


Stuffed Animals: The Next Generation re: Stuffed animals / teddy bears, showing quite some wear and tear 

Of course after saw me take photographs of my own stuffed animals, he wanted to take pictures of his too.

So after I put mine away, I told him to collect his own onto the sofa, and we spend an hour or so taking pictures of him with all his teddy bears collectively and individually.

Obviously I'm not going to share identifiable pics of him here, but here are a couple where he's obscured by his toys that I feel are okay :)

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