parenting, disgusting 

I guess the little one ate or drank something wrong, or something that didn't mix well...

That was fun to clean up... but at least it wasn't in the middle of a car, in the middle of winter, just before Christmas...

Fortunately he's full of energy and happy again. :)

If it'd happened earlier on the day, I'd have attributed it to stress from his introduction to preschool this morning (which went very well, and far better than I'd feared! No crying or anything, and he actually didn't want to leave when we were finished with our intake talk), but we've done plenty of other things since.

re: parenting, disgusting 

@FiXato I remember those couple of years of surprise reviews of inputs... fortunately they pass (ahem) quickly!


re: parenting, disgusting 

@rowens fortunately it doesn't happen often :)

and yeah, this certainly 'passed' quickly xD

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