Man, glad I finished that lousy -based port of for the .
Such a boring version with far lousier graphics and performance than could've been possible on ...

@FiXato Just for laughs, look on youtube for the Spectrum version. Looks the same, but runs twice as fast. ( and actually fun to play probably )

@bitsofbas definitely wouldn't surprise me... a lot of these software houses really took no effort to port these games, which is probably why the MSX got such a bad name, especially when it comes to scrolling...

@FiXato At least it's smooth scrolling. Albeit at 10fps 😂

@bitsofbas that Spectrum version looks more challenging indeed with more on-screen bullets and a bit higher speed. Also, it actually had music? Well, on the opening screen and not in-game, but the MSX version didn't even get the opening screen music!

Btw, how common was in-game music on Spectrum? I get the feeling almost no games on it had it? Though that might just be the MSX ports I played.

@FiXato I definitely remember quite a lot of games with in-game music. But also some without. I can't put a number on it though...

@FiXato The problem boils down to the Spectrum using RAM for its video display, whereas the MSX had VRAM that had to go through the VDP first.

To get the most out of both system you'd need to code the games differently from the ground up.

Which they didn't and so most ended up writing the RAM and THEN having to push all data through the VDP as well. Making the games slow as poop.

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