I could not find an affordable to replace the one whose base cracked a few weeks ago. Well, at least not one that doesn't have plastic rather than stainless steel parts on the inside. So, I got this glass with built-in metal filter instead, for 150 NOK (about 15 EUR / 18 USD currently) at .

A first-use review of this kit in the unlisted reply. :)

first-use review of 44-2728 "Glass TEAPOT" by Clas Ohlson. (About 1000 chars) 

It says it's glass, so it should not be very prone to cracking due to thermal expansion, but it also says it shouldn't be put on top of a heat source, which is a bit of a shame as I was hoping to be able to keep the tea warm on a tea light.

The knob on the filter is just that btw; a knob for the lid, not a plunger as you would find on a French press. Once your tea is the right strength, you kinda need to use it up right away, pour it over to another container, or take out the (now very hot) filter and empty it (before putting it back, or else you'll have another temperature vent).

All in all I would say it's not as ideal as a French press for my daily , but I'll reserve final judgement till I've used it for longer than a single brew. ;)

It does look nicer :) and I have the feeling it'll be easier to clean this filter.
(The inside of the pot is another thing, as my hand doesn't fit very well inside...)


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first-use review of 44-2728 "Glass TEAPOT" by Clas Ohlson. (About 1000 chars) 

@FiXato my husband had a similar teapot but it cracked, even though he didn't put it on a heat source :( I guess glass is different from metal or ceramic. Also maybe a bottle cleaner would help with cleaning the inside?

re: first-use review of 44-2728 "Glass TEAPOT" by Clas Ohlson. (About 1000 chars) 

@ljwrites yeah, it would probably help; I'm just used to taking a sponge to the inside. :)

I hope it'll last me a while, but I do expect it to crack at some point too; all glass containers do :(
Buying a more expensive brand such as didn't make a difference either; that one cracked within one or two years of use too. (Not to mention its plastic filter looked disgusting after a while...).

I would still like a ceramic teapot at some point, but for now this will do, while I keep my eyes open for a replacement French press too.

It's so stupid... for months I keep seeing the same French press as I had, being sold in the usual spot. But now when I need a replacement, it's no longer in their assortment. ><

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