curl those funny IPv4 addresses - 127.1, 0177.1.1.1 and 16843009 are all now natively "understood" by curl

@bagder nice feature!

Do you let a script assign the artist name for pixabay image links btw? Because if so, it looks like it assumes the first line of their bio contains a 'real name', which in the case of the current image"s artist (TheDigitalArtist) does not seem to be the case?

«Image by Thank you for your support Donations welcome to support from Pixabay»

@FiXato no, I copy the credits as the site itself proposes and it suggested this, so I kept it as-is


@bagder huh, fair enough :)
Thought it looked strange, but if that's how they want to be attributed, then who am I to argue :)

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