I've updated my / : gemini://fixato.org/

Its content is now converted from source asciidocs with the aforementioned rewrite of my conversion pipeline.

I think all the posts look about the same, but if you see something off, please let me know!

rambling about gemini replies 

@kelbot thanks :)

I do kinda miss the direct feedback on gemini posts; both receiving and giving.

I guess finding someone's contact details and sending a PM or mention via the Fediverse or e-mail might give it a more personal touch, but it often also feels like an extra barrier.

There is the idea of gemini replies by having a subdir in your root where you have a Usenet-like structure for nested replies to other gempod posts, but unless there's been previous interaction, you'd still need to send a ping of some kind. It's also perhaps too public for some replies.

oh well, just some rambling thoughts :)

rambling about gemini replies 

@FiXato It's the old double-edged sword. Bigger barrier means fewer replies but the ones you do get are generally more meaningful and thought out. Lowering the barrier might get you more replies but increases the odds of getting the types of unwanted replies that low barrier methods sometimes elicit. Part of me would like getting more interaction from my posts but I'm mostly ok with getting fewer if it means I don't have to deal with the toxic ones.


rambling about gemini replies 

@kelbot that's indeed a good consideration :)

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