Okay, that's enough progress for today on the rewrite of my to conversion pipeline.

Added a pre-processor that allows me to add ,gemini=hidden to links I don't want to show up in the gmi document, and ,gemini=extend-to-eol for links I want to extend to the end of the line.

I don't expect others to find this useful, but so far it looks like it will help reduce link clutter in documents, without having to handcraft a version of the same blog post.

@FiXato You write your blogposts in asciidoc? That's unusual and interesting. What is your historical context for this preference?

I tried for a while to write hpr shownotes in asciidoc, but the html output upset @perloid 's sensibilities. When I dragged it through docbook and pandoc it came out a bit tidier, but in the end I went back to Markdown.

@clacke @FiXato I use asciidoc on a daily basis for my own purposes, and of course it's head and shoulders above Markdown as regards features. The problem we had on HPR was that our HTML notes get sent to archive.org (as the item description field) and their HTML filters are harsh (or were, I haven't checked lately) and tend to strip a lot of the "fancy" asciidoc stuff. So not my "sensibilities" more a pragmatic approach 😉

@perloid @FiXato Thank you for clarifying. =)

Frowning at asciidoc HTML output is pretty sensible either way. <div class="paragraph"> is not how you write a paragraph in HTML.

@clacke @perloid my "Now" page is generated with the asciidoctor-html5s backend, and while it could probably still be improved some, it's a lot more semantic than the default output.
(and actually uses p tags for paragraphs)

gemini://fixato.org/now.gmi would be an example of what my current conversion pipeline makes out of it.

If you don't have a gemini client (personally I'm fond of and ), then you can use f.e. the vulpes.one http proxy.

If you're interested, I can also put the source asciidoc file online.

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