Okay, that's enough progress for today on the rewrite of my to conversion pipeline.

Added a pre-processor that allows me to add ,gemini=hidden to links I don't want to show up in the gmi document, and ,gemini=extend-to-eol for links I want to extend to the end of the line.

I don't expect others to find this useful, but so far it looks like it will help reduce link clutter in documents, without having to handcraft a version of the same blog post.

@FiXato You write your blogposts in asciidoc? That's unusual and interesting. What is your historical context for this preference?

I tried for a while to write hpr shownotes in asciidoc, but the html output upset @perloid 's sensibilities. When I dragged it through docbook and pandoc it came out a bit tidier, but in the end I went back to Markdown.

@clacke while I find markdown easier to write, I found it too limited for what I wanted to do with it for my blog, at least without resorting to including HTML in the source document, which would ruin legibility imho.

An example would be having collapsible blocks. I could include summary/details HTML tags in the (GFM) markdown document to achieve that, but that would defeat the purpose.

With I can do the following:

.Summary title for section
Expandable details for section block.

It's still not ideal, but I found it more in line with a legible plain text document.

(The primary planned use-case for this would be adding content-warnings to paragraphs/sections.)

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