Okay, that's enough progress for today on the rewrite of my to conversion pipeline.

Added a pre-processor that allows me to add ,gemini=hidden to links I don't want to show up in the gmi document, and ,gemini=extend-to-eol for links I want to extend to the end of the line.

I don't expect others to find this useful, but so far it looks like it will help reduce link clutter in documents, without having to handcraft a version of the same blog post.

@FiXato You write your blogposts in asciidoc? That's unusual and interesting. What is your historical context for this preference?

I tried for a while to write hpr shownotes in asciidoc, but the html output upset @perloid 's sensibilities. When I dragged it through docbook and pandoc it came out a bit tidier, but in the end I went back to Markdown.

@clacke as for the html output of asciidoc: I've found that the asciidoctor-html5s backend generates a more acceptable, semantic, HTML output.

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@FiXato I see you found it through airing the same concerns and getting help from fedi as well. =)

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