Suggestions welcome for preparing when all you have is:

  • An electric water kettle
  • An egg cooker
  • A small contact grill
  • A microwave

Preferably not ready-made microwave meals.

okay, so that needs quite a bit longer with this microwave and pasta...

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@brownpau thanks! That's good to know, and worth a try. :)

Ramen Noodles can be quite delicious, you could even grill some chicken and slice it in. Burgers could easily be prepared. Egg salad, if you can get some Stokbrood 😄 Most potatoes can be baked in a microwave, eaten that way or as a potatoe mash, with some side dishs.

food (non-vegetarian) 

@RobinSohn the carbonara I made with the microwave turned out okay enough, but the lard fat didn't taste quite right, and I missed the fried bacon bits.

Your suggestions sound good though, especially the burgers :)
Just need to give the contactgrill a thorough clean.

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