@KelsonV since you have so many posts in your gem-log, can I request a previous and next link at the bottom of each post? :D

(You have a couple of things on yours that I want to add to my own posts, such as emoji icons for each post, and category links...)

@FiXato Believe it or not, that's actually on my to-do list! I just need to set some time aside to update the script I'm using for the archives.

@KelsonV I believe it ;)
Are the scripts something you plan on sharing too?

@FiXato Yeah, I'm putting them on GitLab for now. Once I've built in a little more customization (lots of stuff is hard-coded right now) I'll post a link. Though if you want to take a look at what I've got so far, it's at

@KelsonV wow, I wasn't expecting a Perl script. xD

@FiXato Well, Gemini is so much like the early web, it seemed appropriate!

@FiXato Also I kind of had an old site-update script sitting around from ages ago that I adapted for it.

@FiXato Though it was weird getting back in to the Perl frame of mind after so many years of Java and related languages.

@KelsonV I can read it, and in a pinch I can probably edit it, but I don't think I would write a script in it myself. :)

But whatever works, works, and you're right that it feels like an era-appropriate language. xD

Currently I'm using a couple of bash scripts and a couple of lines of Python to convert my asciidoc files to gemini, but I'll probably consolidate that into a couple of Python scripts for legibility and unity. :)

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