Looking for the name of a construction toy from my youth 

Spent some time trying to find the name of some from the or that I used to play with in my .

I can't quite remember the design of the bricks, so I drew four designs that I could imagine. Not sure if there was a single type of brick, or if there were two different ones that were meant to be used together.

You could lock these together to form various geometric shapes or weird structures. Either by locking the sides together, or by inserting one or two into the middle of another.

I was first reminded of these by seeing 'Plus-Plus' in a shop here in Norway, but those aren't quite the same as the ones I remember growing up in the . is rectangular, while the ones from my are square-shaped instead, and had a plus-shaped hole in the middle.

I had sort of forgotten about them again after the last time I looked for their name, but since I dreamt about them last night, I figured I'd this time. :)


re: Looking for the name of a construction toy from my youth 

Thanks to @nisima's suggestion (thanks!) I came across mini waffles by Marioinex and a much larger version called waffle blocks by Little Tikes.

The former comes closest to the I am looking for, but I still don't think it's the exact same one.
Most notable the shape of the centre hole does not match my memory of being in the shape of a plus-sign.

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