Went into one of my ' boxes' filled with old receipts, stickers, , souvenirs and other from vacation trips, , and other , that a normal person would turn into a I guess. I was hoping to find one of those construction bricks I was looking for in my earlier post.
While I didn't find that, I did find some lovely in that , such as stuff from

Ah, so that's where my older went :D

and at least. Should have 2017 somewhere too. Some stickers, , Open Telemetry and another logo (the red circle with four red dots) I can't recognise myself.

Some more random stuff from the :

Details in media descriptions

Remember these from ?
There were some nice designs on these . I should see if I can find a site which has an overview of them.

Part of me wants to stick this one on my laptop, but I think I'll just keep it in my where it will likely last a much longer time... ;)

And the final submissions as taken from my :


oh cool. The watches take me back, and neat to see the strippenkart.

#NostalgiaBox is such a good term, too. I was rummaging around amongst mine on Friday

@deejoe this one was a small plastic Ikea Samla box. I think I have 2 or 3 of them, along with a bunch of ordners with old drawings and papers. Not counting several more of those boxes filled with old photographs I still have to scan and sort one day.
Definitely don't have as much anymore as I used to have, due to throwing a lot away when moving from the Netherlands to Norway.

A lot of it is junk to most, and some of the things have faded, yet they are treasured memories. :)

@FiXato I do not have an identical bottle opener here at all (:

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