@vicorva last Dragon AI session you mentioned you considered streaming some too.
Today I came across this Spore-like game, by , and wondered if that perhaps also was something up your alley:
It seems to be only the creature-stage, but you might enjoy a playthrough of the prologue regardless. :)

@FiXato oh that looks really cool! I don't play far beyond creature stage in Spore anyway.

That said it's not actually out yet? Looks like it's just the demo. I'll definitely look into it but not sure whether I will stream it.

@vicorva yeah, it seems to be in early access atm, but the prologue should be a free and fairly playable demo already. :)
I was watching a video of it by :

And yeah, I don't expect you to stream it; just figured you might like this kind of game for yourself. :)

@FiXato it definitely looks like my kinda thing. I've often wondered why there haven't been more Spore-like games!

@vicorva for the Super Nintendo there's E.V.O: Search For Eden
A more recent game would be Niche, though that takes a bit more realistic approach.
More of a simulator approach would be Species: Artificial Life, Real Evolution

Finally, there's the Sparkle series, with Sparkle 3: Genesis probably being the one I played the most. a while ago.
This one takes more place in the amoebe / ocean-life stage. It's more of a relaxing ambient munch-what-you-can game.

@FiXato thank you for the recommendations! These all look really interesting.

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