I'm going to write my own simplified asciidoc(ter) -> gemini parser, aren't I?

I should write a pandoc filter I guess, but I can't be arsed learning yet another language right now.

Looks like I am actually getting pretty decent results by:

converting with to :

asciidoc -b docbook "$input"

which I then convert to with :

./pandoc-2.11.4/bin/pandoc --wrap=preserve -f docbook -t markdown_strict "${base}.xml" -o "${base}.md"

which I then pre-process a bit with my own before converting it to with :

md2gemini --links paragraph "${base}.md" > "${base}.gmi"

I'll post the script once I'm done.

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@FiXato ooh, hopping on the gemini train instead of going with Jekyll?

@ljwrites I'd ideally want to bihost, which is why I still want to write the posts in asciidoc.

But since I'm too picky about how the blog has to look, and still haven't finished it, I do like the idea of at least being able to serve the actual content via gemini already.

Now to figure out how to implement collapsible blocks for content warning text blocks... Just a simple warning before the text, or split it off into a separate document with the summary acting as link text. I'm leaning towards the latter because else drifting eyes might still catch the cw-worthy text.

Also a bit disappointing gemini only supports 3 heading levels...

@FiXato yeah, and gemini does seem to be gaining traction (at least on my tl, which is probably not representative lol). I guess it really does aim for simplicity, to go with three headings.

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