dream log, Hitman, Roswell, MSX (long; ~1400 chars) 

I dreamt I was playing an game which reminded me a lot of the series.
Visually it alternated between a isometric perspective like in the Batman game, or , with graphics that made me think it was a typical port (though ran a lot smoother than those usually do...).
Bright red, yellow and blue colours used, with red being the most prominent.
You even had two coins you could throw to distract guards. They were supposed to be Polish , though I noted in the they were incorrectly indicated as . The coins were dark red and obviously spun around a lot.

One of the levels was supposed to have a hidden ending where you found a unit and had to find a way to thaw and revive those inside. It would turn out they were aliens.

That specific episode was set in the ' year', which in the dream I thought was 1943, but I was corrected by another dream character as it having happened in 1946. A quick look on Wikipedia shows both my dream thoughts were wrong, as the was in July of #1947.

I was trying to plan the game in my , with various other people also bringing in their MSX machines, including my late . A missed opportunity...

Now I kinda wish such a game existed for the MSX :p

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