Okay, cold tea finished off with some milk added, and now I have a mug of hot next to my laptop.
Less chance of me forgetting about it, but I'll have to walk back to add some milk once it's finished brewing. :)

Yes, yes, I know some people will think I am the devil for adding milk to .

I am not going to argue with them for being right about the latter part. ;)

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@FiXato Shame on you, FiXatea, shame on you!
I also have a cup of tea beside me. Mint. I hope I don't forget about it as well ...

@Mayana I'd put it to brew and then went to change ... Of course I forgot about it in the mean time.
I really should've just put the mug in the living room before getting the little one. ;)

@FiXato Hey, it's OK. It happens to everyone -- especially busy parents.
You could always start dragging a trolley with a teapot and cups with you wherever you go, though. It would look weird, but it would help!

@Mayana hahahah, you think a trolley would fit through?
I have a hard time at times stepping in between his Lego Duplo. ;)

@FiXato Tell him to build a lego trolley for daddy, then! 😛

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