Put on some / / files via because that's the only that seems to support this audio format, plugged some headphones in, and getting ready to do a bit of related on my . :)

Okay, instead of on , I ended up doing some more by creating 2 fairly simple scripts to help me track and re-open the media I've launched from the command-line: github.com/FiXato/cli_player_q

basically wraps around , gets the page title, tracks it in a history file, and launched mpv.
Afterwards I can browse the history file with the same command, or immediately filter it by title or URL.

The title retrieval is very simple, and basically only works for YouTube and plain HTML pages atm, but f.e. Twitch support will be added soon.
(There are probably pre-built solutions out there too, but I like ...)

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CLI Player Queue progress 

Okay, can now:

  • ― retrieve stream and most recent video title
  • ― detect if the stream is offline
  • ― give a bit more useful error messages and error codes
  • ― has some of its functions refactored to a library
  • ― can retrieve the most recent public videos of a user from their channel's RSS feed and store them in a separate history file
  • ― list and play the videos of said file

all from a .

I want to do a bit more cleanup before committing the changes, but my brain's too fried atm to do more .

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re: CLI Player Queue progress 

f it, pushed it to a remote WIP branch so it's at least safe in case the hardware deity wants fry more than my mind. ;)

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