Inspired by @benhamill's post, here's a snapshot of me wearing my .

: , no direct eye-contact from me, as I'm looking towards the banner on the wall behind me, but the wizard drawn on it does kind of look directly at the camera.
And I guess the metal horn hand-sign?

(repost because the (long) image description didn't seem to have gone through from mobile...)

@FiXato @benhamill

which reminded me of the Australian metal band "Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt"

(Not saying you are fat. Am saying that this picture reminded me of the name of the band (: )

They haven't been active for a number of years, I guess. I also note that I haven't been following things as much the past 3 years, gee that could explain the burnout

@Truck oh wow, that's soooo not my music :blobcatdizzy:​ 😂

@FiXato Yeah, it's ... in that area of Avant-Garde metal that I enjoy and I really don't think I'll see most of those bands ever (:

And many of them are short lived... ah well (:

Luckily I like _music_ and don't give a crap about "genres" or things like that.

@Truck while I usually don't really pay close attention to lyrics, or need to be able to understand the lyrics/language at all, I don't care much for grunting and screaming in music. :)

Fortunately people can have their own taste in music and other things, or else the world would be a boring place. :)

@FiXato oh, cripes, some of the best parts of some of the albums of bands like this are the titles... the songs, well, they let the titles down.

I'd go search for one album by an Indonesian band that has the best titles and the singing is completely pig squealing, but... not gonna right now, as I actually didn't like the songs and to be honest, you can find dad jokes on the internet already (:

@Truck so, it's like IPA beers ;)
Great titles, awful hoppy taste that I can't handle. ;)

@FiXato Somehow I also really like those (:

Except... well haven't really had any this past year for various reasons.

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