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Ok I’ll do an since I’m not sure I’ve ever done one since signing up for this account a million years ago.

Sup, I’m Eris. I’m yet another stereotypical woman in . I work at DigitalOcean doing things remotely from , and I love my job.

For fun I like to go to local shows and support local bands. I’m also into (especially ), , and lately I’ve been dabbling in video editing.

Did I do it right?

Now would be the prime time for any Mastodon admins with servers capable of accepting new users and scaling up to submit them to

More info: Shoot me an e-mail at

Does the official mastodon iOS app not have any way to view the local and federated timelines?

Might keep me using toot tbh, though I do really like the official app so far.

The worst feeling is when you unwrap a peanut butter cup, remove the paper cup, pop it in your mouth, and then taste paper.

It's like, wtf I took off the cup. But it was double-cupped.

This thrilling toot has been brought to you by <BrandName> Peanut Butter Cups.

Very curious that the effective response to a global crisis is to stop all the shitty parts of capitalism as quickly as possible. Suspend rents, interest, loans, provide people with healthcare, and the ability to get food. The host body is in trouble and the parasite ceases

Why does my cat feel the need to be on my makeup bag instead of, idk, my bed or the multiple cat beds in my bedroom.

What is a fully-qualified IP address? Is it...

@LottieVixen Hey so I can't log into on any of my other devices. This one was already logged in which is how I have access now, but anywhere else I am simply sent back to whatever page I was on when I attempt to log in. No errors or anything :/

US politics 

If you're in the US, and you're in a state that votes today (or has early voting open today), GET OUT AND VOTE GDI COME ON WHAT ARE YOU DOING IF YOU'RE NOT?

ps bonus points if u vote for bernie

Neat! is looking spiffy on the glitchsoc fork. Nice job @kity, @woozle, and friends!

@LottieVixen o hai I didn't realize you helped admin this mastodon! Awesomeeeee!

I guess mastodon instances can fill in here somewhat but Tumblr's got a much nicer UX for that sort of content.

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Man. Someone should make a new Tumblr-killer but with a promise that (consensual, legal) adult content will always be allowed.

Independent blogs are great and all but tumblr really shined with content discovery and whatnot. It's gonna be difficult to replace.

My favorite part of Mastodon is I can trash-talk Comcast and not get a response like "Hi! We're sorry to hear that. We really care about you!"

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.