@sungo yeeeah fps communities can be a taaaad toxic. UT2k4 wasn’t so bad from what I remember but I also played a lot of MW2 and oof that was bad.

@sungo see I was all about UT2k4 when halo was arguably at its best because it had a Linux version. I love me some online multiplayer.

@sungo damn that is a controversial opinion based on what the Reddit turbonerds think of the show.

I’m loving it tho.

Ok so I don’t care what gamer nerds say. I’ve never played Halo nor do I know the story in the games, but the Halo show is fucking lit.

being trans is just like riding a bike... it's dangerous and people will yell at you from cars

ok, today's food poll, this one should draw blood between y'all

@woozle it's definitely already getting better, so no worries.

@woozle hmm looks like timelines are running a little slow but I assume that's because they're catching up?

re: PSA: please do not use "religion" when you mean Christianity, abortion 

@ehashman It's very worth mentioning that there are many other religions that condemn abortion besides the christian sects that do.

But this isn't about religious (or christian) freedom regardless, because as long as abortion isn't banned, everyone is free to decide whether or not abortion is right for them and take their own religious views into account. It's none of their fucking business what other people do. It doesn't impact them.

IMO as long as folks aren't forced to get or not get abortions, we're all gucci as far as religious freedom is concerned.


Feelin shitty so here’s a selfie I took the other night with my bestie

silly name poll time 

Excellent work folks, let's keep going. I feel we're on the brink of discovering something very important.

To reiterate, what is your name?


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@jon tootiverse goddamn I’ve been saying it forever!

Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

~> PSA:

If you don't accept LGBT people unconditionally you should leave Fedi right now. And come back when you support LGBT people. Thanks.


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