@editor I wonder how much productivity increases while FB is down...

@jk I'm not sure about that. Optimizing for efficiency should result in smaller, brighter LEDs, no matter the purpose.

@jk so, they were working on it in R&D, but it hasn't been ready until now.

@jk My understanding is that LEDs weren't small enough back then. It took years of research to get them small enough where they can have a dense enough PPI for displays other than, like, billboards.

@annika I can't even think of that scene with Michael without crying.

Neat! Toot.cat is looking spiffy on the glitchsoc fork. Nice job @kity, @woozle, and friends!

@skynebula "We also found that some apps routinely send Facebook data that is incredibly detailed and sometimes sensitive. Again, this concerns data of people who are either logged out of Facebook or who do not have a Facebook account. ... "KAYAK", which sends detailed information about people’s flight searches to Facebook, including: departure city, departure airport, departure date, arrival city, arrival airport, arrival date, number of tickets (including number of children), class of ticket."

@Elizafox I mean, yeah, possibly.

But Tumblr was removed from the App Store specifically due to CP, not porn in general.

Tumblr could be fighting this and they could instead have better processes to crack down on CP like similar services of their scale do.

Instead they took the nuclear option. And now they'll die. Not that Yahoo/AOL/Verizon cares.

mental health stuff, porn stuff 

mental health stuffers (~) 

@LottieVixen or... shortly after I think. I don't remember. A while.

@LottieVixen Damn wish I had known. I've been here since the instance was founded.

@LottieVixen Yeah, idk I wish I had time to work on this too. I feel like there's a great opportunity to create an open platform to share this type of content without pressure from a giant megacorp looming over it.

I mean it was only a matter of time after tumblr got bought by yahoo got bought by aol got bought by verizon. Corporate centipede.

@LottieVixen o hai I didn't realize you helped admin this mastodon! Awesomeeeee!

I guess mastodon instances can fill in here somewhat but Tumblr's got a much nicer UX for that sort of content.

Man. Someone should make a new Tumblr-killer but with a promise that (consensual, legal) adult content will always be allowed.

Independent blogs are great and all but tumblr really shined with content discovery and whatnot. It's gonna be difficult to replace.

My favorite part of Mastodon is I can trash-talk Comcast and not get a response like "Hi! We're sorry to hear that. We really care about you!"

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