Yesterday I covered myself in glitter and celebrated Eeyore's Birthday. So much fun! Were any other Austinites there?


I was not... yesterday was too hot to do anything so I skipped Eeyore's

Also, hi from south Austin

@ThatDamnCat Hi also from South Austin!

Trick to hot weather = not wear anything. I had the tank on for that picture but otherwise I was just wearing a small pair of shorts lol.


I think that's a rule for Eeyore's in general... comfy not-clothes

I had no energy for it yesterday.

Today... well, I'd be there today. It's gorgeous out! Today is a good day for a cafe or a Frisbee.


@ThatDamnCat yea, I'd be at radio but THEY TURN THE DAMN WIFI OFF ON WEEKENDS :(

I'll prolly go to halcyon in an hour or two.


I drive by there a lot but I've never been. Is it cool?

Their menu looks simple but okay.

It would be cool to meet up some time.

@ThatDamnCat Halcyon has amazing cocktails and wifi's always on and working well, so I love going there to work. Good coffee and food as well. :)

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