Ok so I don’t care what gamer nerds say. I’ve never played Halo nor do I know the story in the games, but the Halo show is fucking lit.

@Eris I have played Halo and know the story in the games and so far the Halo show is way better than all that. I went back to play some Halo, actually, and decided Nope. I have the show. All good here.

@Eris But I am a bad gamer nerd who hates online multiplayer so...

@sungo see I was all about UT2k4 when halo was arguably at its best because it had a Linux version. I love me some online multiplayer.

@Eris I got real tired of being called nonsensical racist misogynist epithets by 12 yr olds. Long while back, I played with a bunch of friend but then everyone had kids and families and all that and time vanished.

Don't get me wrong. Like I said the other day, I adore Halo: Reach. ODST is good too. The only games in the series without Master Chief (or the goddamn Flood). But they were also about expanding the lore, beyond just being a shooter.

@sungo yeeeah fps communities can be a taaaad toxic. UT2k4 wasn’t so bad from what I remember but I also played a lot of MW2 and oof that was bad.

@sungo damn that is a controversial opinion based on what the Reddit turbonerds think of the show.

I’m loving it tho.

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