Ok I’ll do an since I’m not sure I’ve ever done one since signing up for this account a million years ago.

Sup, I’m Eris. I’m yet another stereotypical woman in . I work at DigitalOcean doing things remotely from , and I love my job.

For fun I like to go to local shows and support local bands. I’m also into (especially ), , and lately I’ve been dabbling in video editing.

Did I do it right?

@cgranade yessss I play on ps5, on midgardsormr.

Pic can be considered a very mild 6.1 spoiler.

ffxiv 6.0 msq spoiler 

@Eris Oh, nice, same data center and everything!

@Eris You did it way better than I did mine. 😂 And cool that you're doing Linux at DigialOcean? Nice!

@chadmccullough YUUP, mostly release engineering stuff and things.


(sorry for yelling it's just important)

@Eris LOL!!!! Stop yelling at me! I did write an introduction! 😂 😂

@chadmccullough found it! and boosted for visibility amongst any fellow nerds who follow me :)

@Eris buddy theres four of us already! now a fifth :) my cats are on their way to take care of this situation

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