Man. Someone should make a new Tumblr-killer but with a promise that (consensual, legal) adult content will always be allowed.

Independent blogs are great and all but tumblr really shined with content discovery and whatnot. It's gonna be difficult to replace.


I guess mastodon instances can fill in here somewhat but Tumblr's got a much nicer UX for that sort of content.

@Eris an old friend of mine and I had plans to work on that but it didn't happen, masto would be a sweet base to build on

@LottieVixen Yeah, idk I wish I had time to work on this too. I feel like there's a great opportunity to create an open platform to share this type of content without pressure from a giant megacorp looming over it.

I mean it was only a matter of time after tumblr got bought by yahoo got bought by aol got bought by verizon. Corporate centipede.

mental health stuffers (~) 

mental health stuffers (~) 

mental health stuffers (~) 

mental health stuff, porn stuff 

mental health stuff, porn stuff 

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