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Lewd, Dream 

I dreamt that my system had multiple bodies that could shapeshift and we were at some theme land. There was a ride you could start at your hotel room in the park and it was some roller coaster and love tunnel thing but you were allowed to have sex in it and there

I sometimes think of the dragon in a dream I had that said "Mitochondrial DNA is required to create new souls"

meaning. I looked more at the strange hole in the beach and woke up due to Cassie opening our eyes and I got disappointed since it was a dream and I did not get to explore further and the pictures did not get saved since it was on the phone in the dream

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needed a better camera to take a picture of it or go closer. I opened google maps on my phone to see where I was and I saw that I was somewhere between Malmö and Höllviken and the place was named something like Strandbadet which was confusing since that name has very little

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disability yes”. I was now outside on the top of a roof and it was day outside. I looked around and there was a beach with some v shaped bay nearby with some hole that seemed to suck up water. The hole was at the end of the v area on the beach and I took a pic but thought I

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destroying property so I ignored her plus the hole was too small for me to get out with. A bit further up I found a window which I exited and told the others to exit and said “Everyone should be able to exit here” and the girl from before responded “If they do not have a

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As I climbed up some more I saw some window and some woman outside. The woman looked like Kamala Harris and she tried to talk to me so I saw some metal panel that you could screw off but I had no screwdriver so I ripped it apart with one hand and the woman complained that I was

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I climbed up a bit and said “Even tho I play puzzle games for fun this is certainly a challenge” and she responded “Who made you the commander” to which I responded “Commander? I am not in the military. Did my other personalities say something weird that implied that?”.

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and take pictures which I did. Some of the kids and teenagers sat in the water but I avoided it by standing on some metal structure. I asked what I could do to get up further and some girl answered that I should check the walls as there was some ladder built into the walls.

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french fry and put it directly in my mouth. I woke up still in the dream inside some weird place that seemed to be some flooded basement where the water level was constantly rising and it was also full of kids. The place looked really spooky so I thought I could take my camera

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I dreamt that I went to some torus shaped mcdonalds where the place where they serve the food was in the middle. You could walk around in circles in the entire building which I did and talked to my headmates while doing that. After walking around for a while some guy offered me a

Seriously just stop using the term "terminally online".
It associates people doing harmful things with disabled people and is therefore ableist as hell

When someone has the Ukraine flag in their display name they are almost always a centrist

Cursed thought, Plural 

Calling yourself an ordered system instead of a non-disordered system

Found some funny anagrams for deltarune and undertale:
neuter lad
nut dealer
dune alert
trend eula
ted lauren
deer luna t
enter laud
true end la

Is it still wildlife if they are undead?

*Appears with heavy body armor and a wire cutter and carefully deactivates your almonds*

In some mp3 player I was given by my grandfather to me before he died there was this barbie girl mp3 and the lrc file with it

Imagine if the trans flag had contained red instead and transphobes would keep saying that dating trans people is a red flag

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