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Did you know there was barely a limit for the alt text length in the past but now when they added the icon in the corner for everyone it is limited to 1k

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Reply to this status and we will reply with low quality anagrams of your username

Aardwolves are chihuahua hyenas
- Ellie

️️️️️️️️️ ️️ ️️ ️️

*Starts whooping since I am a yeen*
- Ellie

Depressed Java programmers are like

@ Deprecated

When it comes to syscourse I feel like the same thing is being said over and over mostly. No useful conversation can be had with people who are just hateful day after day. The most useful conversations that happen is between people who all agree on the basic things

Imagine instead having a good case of split personality with really good uwu headmates
- Ellie

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Cursed thought 

Imagine starting the following discourse: Saying boymode as a trans woman is appropriating genderfluidity

Protip: If you have a wireless headset you can pee while talking to people in voice chats
- Lilly

I should seriously ask some astrophysicist this and see what they would actually say

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.