It is interesting I have ended up being the protector of the system
- Sofia

Cursed thought 

Imagine if you accidentally told a soldier "Sit down" instead of "Stand down" and he sat down on all fours like a dog and said arf and you petted him and called him a good boy to make it less awkward

Also when it comes to the whole egg think I would like to remind you that not having community when you come out can mean death to some people but to cis people being falsely they are trans would at most lead to a minor annoyance

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I have even seen other trans people accuse others of that for talking about being eggs and they think that is somehow coercing others into being trans which is obviously not possible

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If you go around saying "Groomer" all the time you literally just sound like a Russian fascist accusing every gay man of pedophilia

I dreamt that a Twitter mutual modified their body to become a mermaid and posted pictures of themselves in every angle


What is it about centrists being so outright genocidal nowadays?

To think that I have soon been in this system for one year
- Ellie

Cursed thought, Kink 

Imagine if someone had misgendering as a fetish

In Swedish acid reflux is called "sura uppstötningar" which made me accidentally translate it to "sour upstate"

I enter DPS into Dalle and it shows me pictures of schools. I think that is the last place where I would want to have good DPS

We starting with babylon 5 as usual in this weekly stream thing we do

Lewd, Dream 

headspace. The ride started again but this time it was scenes that was very unsexy to fap to in the ride about a pirate ghost that kidnaps kids and terrorizes them in their rooms at night and the dream ended

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On the internet, everyone knows you're a cat — and that's totally okay.