Reply to this status and we will reply with low quality anagrams of your username

1. herons traces pail tees tim li
2. salaries corinth elm petites
3. torricelli pasha nemesis tet
4. stanch amps tier slot eel ire i
1. seminar sharpe lose it ti let c
2. corrine pistils lee east ham t
3. pierrot altaic messiest he nl
4. roars an stillest chip tim eee
5. snort earth tassel peel mci ii
6. transit apse mother isle eli c

@Minellia_Tora_TechPriestess Pure anagrams are regular ones like using all letters. Impure ones are unique to my generator that it dumps whatever letters are left as the last "word"

1. drum doe van
2. ram vend duo
1. odder am nu v
2. neruda mod v
3. evan um odd r
4. eva our ddnm
5. mauve nor dd
6. edda munro v
7. devour an dm
8. ma devon ur d

@DPSsys > ram vend duo
gonna find a friend and sell random access memory to people together

@DPSsys You might struggle to get *high* quality anagrams of mine, I don't have enough vowels.
Also too many fs.

@ghlyffe 1. leg hyff
2. elf ghyf
3. leg hyff
4. ye ghlff
5. eh fly gf
6. fly fe gh
7. he fly gf
8. fly eh gf
9. fe fly gh
10. eh fly gf

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