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To realise you don't understand something gives you the ability to grow. I didn't understand the very concept of something and as such when it is presented to me I can then examine it and decide if it is something to take on or not.
When a lot of your views seem to overlap with something you are taught it wrong you have to wonder why you were not taught what it was correctly and why people say it is wrong.
You then see what people often don't want you to see because it is against their interest and often power base of superiority.

I saw something mentioning how in automation that people will often be fired instead of everyone having to work less and dividing the work better and allowing more time to grow, play and discovered their own interests. If you could get the same amount done with people working less collectively then you have a system where people can take holidays more and have better quality of life.
Why are we constantly pushing away from quality of life in these systems?

Small chances can really shape things. I wasn't planning to do something and ended up doing it and then even ended up doing it pretty late.
This lead to me talking to someone and maybe actually making a friend.
Also some other stuff but life is strange and chance does a lot ...

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Might have just be an internet or even radio style thing for the team speak but seemed very radio like. What is radio really these days...
Did include NA and EU stuff so who knows.

I took part in a charity event in game (guild wars 2) hosted by the community (and also listened on the team speak which also had canadian radio covering the event).
It was pretty interesting to take part (and heard my account name on the radio twice for winning an event and coming second in another).
It is crazy how people can come together for such things and raise money and bring awareness.
Things like this can give me hope for humanity even if it wasn't a massive charity event making loads it still raised $1620 (canadian dollars) and maybe that will make a difference (ok likely won't do much) but normal people without much power actually managed to raise that. Thats something those people should be proud of that they are actively being part of the solution. If more people were like this maybe a lot of bad things would become more managable for the people effected.
I could of felt I should attend when I heard about it due to it being for MS. Which I might have (single episode).

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I was reading today and the idea of painting a with black paint on a black piece of paper leaving black strokes came up and about the idea of taking a moment to just take in colour and beauty instead. The idea of not just chasing something and repeating the same boring dullness and it got me thinking about how an aunt of mine is always seeking bigger and bigger for celebrations. I wonder if she ever takes a look at the stars and just thinks "How beautiful" or if she ever just takes a moment to be calm without any worries, any stress and such.
When I go to the shops up the road after dark and it is a clear night I can't help but look up. I see the moon, I see the stars and it is very uplifting. Very calming. Simplicity and such.
It use to be that I took the idea of such massiveness to make myself tiny so my problems were even smaller but now it is just a calmingness of having my place in the universe.
Calm and at peace with life is a good way to live. Take it easy and just live free...

Last night (semi late) firefox had a problematic bug of disabling all add-ons. I quickly realised that this actually meant browsing the internet became impossible. Luckily they are back up (mostly).
It is scary how I depend on browser add-ons to be able to browser the internet and how easily that could go ...

On the plus side I played some castle crashers and unlocked a new character :p

Today windows told me not to upgrade to windows 10 but to actively buy a windows 10 computer while telling me about all these things that don't actually benefit me.
I question who windows 10 is even made for with all the boxes they try and tick that don't seem to match with me at all ...

Seems it was just worded insanely badly and is about references inspiring nostalgia rather than nostalgia over a not overly old game. Makes me feel bitter when getting misleaded so much with poor questioning on survey leading to a completely incorrect conclusion due to the fact with how often things are referenced or overlap I will never feel nostalgia from a reference. A lasersaber in a game is just another energy sword to me not a star wars things.

Dam it, why are people today making me so bitter...

I just saw an experiment idea in a steam forum that seemed to conflict with language.
If you are working to test something by actively going against the meaning of the word is it a science experiment (likely to prove the null hypothesis right) or a language error (and as such doomed to fail)?

So recently I recorded my voice and listened to it. Are vows of silence still a thing? If so I might go with one of those ...

I guess posting on social media should be the same, just go with the flow. Maybe that is why I have been so bad at social media in the past ...

You don't paint a masterpiece by going "I am going to paint a grand picture" you go into it by feeling inspired and "I want to create". You can't force it you just have to go with the flow. You have the spark, the roaring inferno and you direct it into your creative medium and make something amazing even if it is just the feeling of being creative and some mess that no one would consider good.

At times I feel people forget that. The idea that inspiration isn't about making something grand but about the idea that you are wanting to create and the result could be grand or awful but it was the act of creating in such a free way that leads to the creation of masterpieces and just creating to try and make masterpieces often fails, you can't force art, only nurture it.

Let the spark of inspiration take you and when it falls don't force it. You can't force beauty...

Normally I would have just gone back to sleep on waking up this early but I awoke from a dream of a good ending for a story and needed to write it down. Unfortunately I know that I am very likely to forget the details of this in the grandness I saw. I made the notes but it is just not on the scale of a dream heck it was like I was reading a reading a manga full coloured web comic or manga that came alive showing something grand and even had music playing.
So whats the real problem with such an ending I saw that inspired me a bit?
Well all my current stories have endings (at least in planned stage) and this is a vastly different one. I guess I need to plan out yet another story to write so I can make this ending see the light of day, it was a good ending really....

At the moment I think I am so laid back I have ended up on my stomach, I am not sure how many rotations I have done but this is truly mellowing out...

Today I am going to take it easy, I have no plans to tie myself to my phone on a maybe call.

Panic and such can maybe resume tomorrow >.>

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