Friend complained one of my stories lack detail about the main character. They are half a chapter in so why are they surprised that so little detail about the main character so far?

Is a new story of mine about a character named Lilith and things are problematic for her. Want to work on it more sometime but sleep has been blegh due to bad dreams for 3 days now (also low level planning to going with the flow a bit)...

2 chapters so far :p

Just got told "I don't need an answer for everything" and well that ended the conversation, if you don't want a back and forth then the conversation dies. When it is just one person talking and nothing anyone else says matters why would the other people hang around?
I mean I am not very social but I atleast understand social dynamics to a certain level. I am unsure how accurate something was to check if I was autistic, I at least can show levels of social interaction that I am not an extreme case which the clasification used. My lack of observation, my inability to often think fast enough (leading to having the perfect answer I would have wanted to say hours or even days late). Yet when someone who has a job in actively talking to people seem unable to maintain a conversation (or maybe they are just bad at ending them well) then I wonder who really is actually able to converse with others better ...

I guess I feel the need to defend myself when challenged and am often dismissed.

Negative mood, Health / Medical 

Starting to be a little less over the top energy and positivity due to its draining on physical levels (and low physical energy) but still feeling pretty decent :p

I am a bit physically drained (maybe due to sleep and other stuff) but I am actually doing pretty well mentally / emotionally.
It is actually great in a lot of ways. Also I am completely random at the moment with my thoughts going over the place (rambling warning due maybe? I am writing this with the flow so who knows)
Listening to music, I use the like system in youtube mostly for music now to make a play list I pick between and listening to stuff as I feel like it.
Listening to some songs not really listened to in awhile recently, got thinking (and a bottle of 7up is helping also :p).
Figured out that the irl friend I might have made likely wasn't really a friend but someone who put me as a last resort person if no one else around and maybe didn't want the same kind of things I wanted also (which I am fine with haven't even really thought of them recently).

Yeah all over the place but I am doing well and I hope everyone else is too :)


Recently it has been very hot so when it gets dark (and while I am awake) I have my big window open, naturally this gives an entry point for many moths.
Last night one moth wasn't settling down to catch and release so I went "Little moth please leave my room". In a few moments it just flew out the window.
Later ones however weren't so easy to remove. I guess I am not a moth whisperer and just got lucky ...


Last night I stayed up past 4am and you know what?
I kind of needed it. Stress of recent things was getting to me so just staying up late unwinding with webcomics and such was a good change of pace, bit tired (woke up before 11) but I am feeling a bit more positive about things. That or my mind is just off it and I should try to keep it that way for a bit long.



Changed my profile picture to one been using on other places more. It is my guild wars 2 thief (daredevil elite spec). She plays sort of like a martial artist with a staff. She is pretty fun to play but a bit squishy (I sort of count her as my main but don't do all things with her and use other characters like my necromancer for other things).

She has freckles, need I say more?

Recently my mental health has been a bit off with the medical stuff that has come up. I use to read or play video games more to bridge the gap and help myself unwind more but I thought I would ask a question here.

When things are getting a bit much, what do you do to unwind? Do you have something to just ease your mind a little when things are going a bit badly?


I have wished to be in so many fictional worlds because I have come to hate this one. That idea alone can bring tears to my eyes...

I fear humanity won't improve and will repeat all its mistakes constantly. I think I have already given up on that better future for humanity to see...

Rain today and that can make a really nice walk up the road to the shops. Taking it slow, taking it all in while listening to music while happy as can be.
Crazy how sometimes happiness just bursts forth and everything seems to be going well while the world might as well be shattering around you.

However for that moment, that spark was me at happiness and completely at peace.

Try never to let that spark leave you for too long...

(Also I am very much aware how much I ramble)

All things considers I have been holding together pretty well with all the recent events but a few cracks have shown.
Today has been a pretty meh day (just woke up feeling kind of meh) and my ease of crying was lowered. A slight negative comment almost made my cry.
Overall I am not sure how I am handling recent events but I am also thinking that the health stuff isn't overly the problem to my mood (slight worry and a little nervous at most) and it is more the issues with my sister causing problems.

Status update: Health & Family 

Some lyrics from a song I have been listening to recently (and kind of on repeat since on my walk):

Living in the city
You know you have to survive
You've got to keep the dream alive
Where everything is free
Can't you see?

The trees are full of green.
The sky is blue.
The sun burns golden.
Why look at black and white in such a colourful world?

When vision is threatened, I still can't imagine losing sight of such a beautiful world.
If anything I want to see it more...

Just some lines I wrote on a walk I went on yesterday, also it seems the little ones are growing up bit by bit...

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