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why do all the ppl going "STOP POLITICISING SCIENCE!!!" care so much about gender identity but not at all about climate change denial

weight/body issues 

gaining weight is a struggle but so far i am up 5 pounds

insecurity i guess 

being asked 'what is your favourite thing about you' just makes me feel terrible

blink182 are pretty shit but theres still a few of their songs i love

love + want to kiss cold hart

tired of ppl tbh 

was reading an article about a nonbinary person who is releasing an autobiography soon it was like yeah this is mostly pretty cool until the bottom when the comments load and I see all the cis people who are very very angry and offended that this person made a passing comment to the effect of 'yes I am different but you are boring'

france politic 

congratulations to the rich capitalist piece of shit who got more votes than the rich nazi piece of shit toot.cat/media/AbGFrDQsTzubmaP

also a person I thought was kinda cool and recommended me emma goldman and stuff is now saying they are 'an anarchist but also a white nationalist' so that is confusing and disappointing

feels bad getting gaslighted by white supremacists about tolerating 'other views'

was just thinking about how it is relatively common to hear about straight couples breaking up because because the man comes out as gay but I'm not sure if I have ever heard of a straight couple breaking up because the woman came out as a lesbian. not really surprising when you take into consideration the power dynamics in most relationships but I just never thought about it before.

has anyone read the novel Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides ?

I'm wondering is it actually any good or is it more cis people trying to talk about stuff they don't really understand


i wish i was a more interesting and outgoing person or whatever u know


not feeling good

it seems like there are so many people obsessed with the solider / military lifestyle and aesthetic I don't really understand it.

jens lekman has a pretty voice

hello and welcome japanese people I hope you enjoy your stay

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